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WATCH: Glasgow band honours U2 with song inspired by Ali and video shot in Dublin

A shot from December's 'Ali Stewart'
A shot from December's 'Ali Stewart'
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Glasgow band December has written a song in honour of U2, with proceeds from the sale of the single going to Cherynobyl Children International.

The song, Alison Stewart, is inspired by Bono's wife Ali and is really a tribute to her contribution to the band, indirectly or otherwise.

Writing in their blog the band, headed up by massive US fans, husband and wife team Ails and Scott Pattison, explain, "Sometimes when you write a song it’s not clear exactly what you’ve created and it can take on a life of its own.

"It seemed to us that this one was from Alison Stewart’s perspective. For the uninitiated she is now Ali Hewson and an inspirational activist, campaigner and businesswoman in her own right [she recently received the prestigious  Princess Grace Humanitarian Award from Prince Albert of Monaco].

"She’s also the inspiration for the U2 classics All I want is you and Song for Someone which sadly we can’t compete with but aim high right?

"It also seems from the admittedly limited vantage point we have as fans that she really helped to steady and save Bono when he needed it and that U2 fans owe her an enormous debt of gratitude."

The video was shot at some key U2 haunts including Cedarwood Road, Grogan’s Castle Lounge, Mount Temple School, Windmill Lane, Hanover Quay, Ard na Mara, Rosemount Avenue and St Margaret’s Park.

"U2, Ali, if you ever see this – and we’re a bit scared now that you actually might – please forgive the liberties we’ve taken and know that this is with every bit of our love," they wrote.

The song is available now to buy on iTunes.

‘Alison Stewart’ lyric

december 2014

And then you woke up and ran into a brighter morning

You were so young then with no one in control

Your stories were for boys and you were falling down till Julie said

I’m lifting up your heart, I’m lifting up the bricks you threw back then

And of course the winter came

It was October through December


chorus 1

Surrender now my love it’s time to fall in love

it’s time to be what we should be


verse 2

In 1985 I saw something so beautiful that I

Was crying like the rain for you were unafraid

The satellite it came into the heart of London town and you just knew

To take a leap of faith, we’ll never be the same

Don’t forget this evening

Let go of your heart


chorus 2

Surrender now my love it’s time to fall in love

it’s time to be what we should be

Surrender now my dream is that we would say what this is

It’s time to be what we both need

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