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Monday 16 December 2019

WATCH: Ennis gangster rap group La Familia divide opinion on YouTube

La Familia
La Familia
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A gangster rap group based in Ennis have been forced to defend themselves against critics of their new video Bitch I'm From E-Town.

La Familia (not to be confused with the Romanian hip hop group of the same name) consists of four lads whose new video sees them rapping at various locations in Clare.

Anto, I.N., Lil-T, and Arma rap about life in Ennis in American accents which has prompted some people to criticise their efforts on YouTube.

"More people are killed from vending machines then there are people killed in Ennis a year," writes one critic.

La Familia
La Familia

Another says, "probably wouldn´t be a bad track if you all stoped trying to sound american and just rapped in your own voices."

"Ye're disgraces of Irish men. Ye remind me of Eamon De valera" writes yet another while another critic decribes it as the '"My Lovely Horseof hip hop."

La Familia member Anthony McNamara was dignified in his response to the haters.

"Born in Chicago Illinois lived between there an ennis my whole life, picked up rappin there so no im not 'pretendin to be American' haha thanks everyone who liked and to everyone that hated it for the views," he wrote.

Many comments defend La Familia.

"To be more positive I think it's a good production, you guys can actually rap, don't listen to people on about the "fake accents", I get it. I just think that the choice of subject matter was very poor, remember lads you're from Clare not California!" wrote one supporter.

Another added, "ye should shoot the next one in a bog, shut these fake minded potatoe hating fools up."

Check out the video here... Be warned, there is some choice language.

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