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WATCH: Damien Dempsey performs iconic Yeats' poem, to celebrate poet's 150th anniversary


Dublin musician Damien Dempsey

Singer/songwriter Damien Dempsey has performed one of W.B Yeat's most famous poems in honour of the 150th anniversary of the great Irish poet and playwright.

The Dubliner took his guitar to numerous locations around his native county for the performance - including Yeats' former cottage in Howth.

Scenes for the video were also captured in some of the places that will forever be associated with the late poet, including the Abbey Theatre and the Dublin Writers Museum.

Dempsey performs 'The Death of Cuchulain' featuring lines from the 1892 poem of the same name.

The legend of Cuchulain was a major theme in Yeat's work throughout his literary career, featuring routinely in poems, plays and stories from 1892-1939.

Dempsey also made the video to support Dublin 2020, Dublin's big to be the European Capital of Culture 2020.

Dublin 2020 is an ongoing campaign, hoping to showcase the rich and varied culture that Ireland's capital city has to offer, which will end in October.

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