Sunday 22 September 2019

WATCH: Bono talks about writing a song to serenade Ali as a teenager and how losing his mother sent him on the path to music

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Addressing the crowd at one of U2's sold-out 3Arena shows, Bono spoke about how he wrote a song to impress Alison Stewart, his now wife, when he was a teenager, and how losing his mum at the age of 14 sent him on the path to music.

Bono mentioned growing up on Cedarwood Road in Glasnevin, which inspired the songs on the band's latest album Innocence + Experience, and remembered "borrowing my brother Norman's guitar and writing a song to try and impress a girl called Alison Stewart".

He went on to say, "We have spent the last nine months travelling the world trying to explain what the northside of Dublin is and we don't have to do that tonight because we're here."

Bono described the gig as a "family get-together, dysfunctional as we may be" and said, "We are all here together and that is a great feeling for this band, to be home.  All the relations are in from all over the world."

He continued, "For the next few songs we want to take you just up the road to the streets that gave life to this band, because there is always a part of us that stays on the street you grew up on.

"We're all formed by our first experiences, our first fights in the playground, our first loves, our first losses and it's strange for a grown man to admit that losing my mother aged 14 is what sent me on the path that brings me here tonight, with these three incredible men."

Bono referred to his mother Iris, and also to losses his band mates Adam Clayton, The Edge, and Larry Mullen had experienced.

"So, this is for beautiful Iris.  It could be for beautiful Brenda, beautiful Maureen, beautiful Joe.  Each of these men have their own stories, but I have the microphone."

Thanks to Holly Browne for sending us this video

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