Wednesday 22 January 2020

WATCH: Bizarre Eurovision entry to perform naked surrounded by wolves (that keep trying to bite him)

Belarusian Eurovision entry Ivan performs naked with wolves
Belarusian Eurovision entry Ivan performs naked with wolves
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

It'll certainly be a Eurovision Song Contest first, if it gets past the censors...

Belarusian Eurovision entry Ivan is hoping to perform his song completely naked and surrounded by wolves.

While most people assumed his plans were a joke, Life News has released footage of the 21-year-old star in rehearsals just as he described.

At one point a wolf tries to take a bite out of him, but viewers are unlikely to witness any bloodshed since animals are banned on the Eurovision stage.

Whether or not he performs naked remains to be seen as there is no outright ban on nudity.

Spokesperson Paul Jordan told APF, however, that it's a family show and nudity would be "not appropriate".

"It's not about vulgarity or sex at all.” said Ivan. "We want this to be art, not porn.”

The man behind the performance is Russian producer Viktor Drobysh and he said it's like a 19th century French sculpture.

"I think the beauty that will be in our performance is comparable to that of Rodin's 'The Thinker'," he said.

"Can you imagine 'The Thinker' wearing jeans?"

The Eurovision kicks off on May 14.

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