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U2 founder Larry Mullen pays tribute to his father: 'I love you, and you know that. No regrets'


A man was trespassing at the home of U2 drummer Larry Mullen

A man was trespassing at the home of U2 drummer Larry Mullen

Larry Mullen at Tony Fenton's funeral

Larry Mullen at Tony Fenton's funeral


A man was trespassing at the home of U2 drummer Larry Mullen

U2 founder Larry Mullen jnr has acknowledged his love for his father at his funeral mass in Dublin today .

Larry Snr passed away at the age of 92 in the Bon Secours Hospital in Glasnevin on Sunday after a short illness.

Today his remains were walked from his home on Rosemount Avenue in Artane the short distance to Our Lady of Mercy Church, with Larry jnr (53) carrying the coffin with other family members.

Larry jnr's bandmates are rehearsing for the opening gig of their new world tour at the moment, and in his eulogy he thanked them and the U2 crew for helping him make it home from Vancouver in Canada for the funeral before he flies back to join them on stage.

"Nice one on the timing dad," Larry smiled from the altar as he described how his father had been sick only for a short time but was a man who was "truly ready to go".

“He wasn’t sick very long, however he received bad news on Friday. He decided to exit his mortal coil on Sunday,” Larry explained.

"I had an opportunity to speak to him on Saturday and he was overwhelmed by the care, love and support shown to him," he added.

He said his father had spent his adolescence in a seminary before leaving in the 12th month of his final year at the age of 21, followed by ten years of wanderlust trying to readjust.

“Then meeting my mother, who was herself orphaned, and by all accounts complicated,” said Larry.

“They had three children quickly in their marriage. They lost their youngest daughter Mary at nine, followed four or five years later by the death of his wife, devastating the life of Larry,” he added.

“To my dad, I just want to acknowledge that there are no regrets between us. I love you, and you know that. No regrets,” he ended.

Today was also the monthly poetry day in the church. An event that Larry snr regularly participated in.

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Before the funeral mass the mourners were told that the event was cancelled as a mark of respect.

Larry Jnr’s sister Cecelia also spoke at the mass, saying her father was a private man, but a family man.

“This has come as a huge shock to our family,” she said, adding that he was an extraordinary man.

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