Saturday 19 January 2019

'Things are not good there' - Singer Margo reveals she hasn’t spoken to her brother Daniel in four years

Margo O’Donnell Photos: Steve Humphreys
Margo O’Donnell Photos: Steve Humphreys
Margo O'Donnell, with her brother Daniel, left, Susan McCann and Michael English singing at the graveside of Big Tom after his funeral at St Patricks church in Oram, Co. Monaghan.. Picture credit: Damien Eagers Newsdesk Newsdesk

Singer Margo O’Donnell has revealed that she hasn’t spoken to her brother Daniel since their mother died in 2014.

The Donegal singer, who is ten years older than Daniel, said she loved her brother “dearly” but admitted they are not in touch with each other.

"Things are not good there. It is circumstantial. It has been four years in May since Mam passed,” she told the Irish Mirror on Sunday.

"That’s how long it has been since we spoke. That’s the way it is.

"But he is doing magnificently well and he is my brother and I love him dearly because he is a good man.”

Margo, who was left devastated earlier this year when her friend and music veteran Big Tom died, admitted that she doesn’t see her family – including her other siblings, Kathleen, John and James - at Christmas time.


Their mother Julia died aged 94.

She said she rarely goes back to Donegal at all.

"Sometimes when people come into your life they change things so. I pray for them."

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