Tuesday 17 September 2019

'There were 90,000 teenagers and me with my 54-year-old mate' - Emma Thompson thought she was going to die in Arctic Monkeys mosh pit

Emma Thompson feared for her life
Emma Thompson feared for her life

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Emma Thompson feared for her life when she got caught up in a mosh pit at Britain's Reading Festival earlier this year.

The Saving Mr. Banks star headed to the festival in August with her pal, and she decided to get involved with the mosh pit, an area in front of a stage where people dance energetically, and often violently, and Emma now admits it wasn't a pleasant experience.

"There were 90,000 teenagers and me with my 54-year-old mate. I initially thought how nice it was until two things happened," she recalled on The Graham Norton Show. "First, I got into the mosh pit while the Arctic Monkeys were playing and I was so crushed in and moved up and down by people I thought, 'Oh, now is when I die, I always wondered when it would be, but I didn't picture this!'

"Then the toilets overflowed and you had to walk through it. I thought, 'This literally is hell!' It was grim and I am never going again.'"

During the interview, Emma recalled the time Donald Trump, now the U.S. President, asked her out on a date in 1997, and how she wishes she had said yes because she "could have changed the course of history".

Remembering their phone call, she said, "It was Donald Trump on the other end – I thought someone was having a laugh so told him to f**k off. He said, ‘Come and stay in one of my apartments and maybe we could have dinner.’

"I didn’t know what to say. I was absolutely astounded because how did he get the number that even I didn’t have? I said I would get back to him but I never did."

The Graham Norton Show, which also features Adam Sandler, Claire Foy, and Cara Delevingne, airs in the U.K. on Friday .

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