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The loves of my life: Bressie, musician and broadcaster


Bressie during a recording of The Voice of Ireland in The Helix.

Bressie during a recording of The Voice of Ireland in The Helix.




Bressie during a recording of The Voice of Ireland in The Helix.

The Mullingar singer on his addiction to caffeine and love for a well-fitted suit.

The person

Billy, my nephew. Maybe it's 'cause he can't talk back, and people think it's cute when he pees himself, but I love him all the same

The memory

When I first sat behind the piano at home, and realised that, by pressing a few keys, you could make songs

The moment of the day

I'm addicted to coffee, as soon as that first sip goes in my mouth in the morning

The song

God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. Best pop song ever written. I love it so much I got the melody tattooed on my arm. Sorry, Mum

The movie

Me, Myself & Irene. A random one, but it shows the true genius of Jim Carrey; and In The Name Of The Father. The most powerful film I've ever seen

The hero

A man I have true, sincere respect for, and who is an incredible and profound speaker: Conor Cusack. A silent hero

The friend

My mate Liam. Would turn the world on its side for ye

The book

Wouldn't It Be Nice: My Own Story - Brian Wilson's autobiography. An amazing insight into his world, and how he could write such uplifting music in the midst of mayhem

The outfit

You can't beat a well-fitted suit. Too many Irish men don't wear well-fitting suits

The accessory


The gadget

I run a lot, so my heart-rate monitor comes everywhere with me

The pet hate

The words amazeballs, nom nom and lol. Shakespeare would turn in his grave

The beauty product

Nostril-hair trimmer. I'm getting old

The holiday

I love active holidays. I'm not one for the beach. La Santa resort in Lanzarote is the perfect place for me

The piece of advice

The good guy always wins

The drink

I've become a big fan of coconut water, but my nocturnal choice is always a good pint of Guinness

The hotel

I love quiet hotels. Harvey's Point in Donegal; Monart; and Wineport Lodge are amazing

The bar

If I'm in Mullingar, Davy Finns for stout, and number one for banter. If I'm in Dublin, I'm a fan of Toners, or Blackbird

The hobby


The part of my body

Its length. I like being lanky

The celebrity

Eamonn Holmes. What a pro! And Larry David. My friends call me an Irish Larry David - ie, contrary as hell

The virtue

I feel, in general, I am an easy person to talk to about anything

The vice

Some would say that I am not blessed with patience

The smell


The taste

Chorizo (you get the point)

Bressie is a judge on the new series of 'The Voice Of Ireland' which returns to our screens in January

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