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The Huffington Post claims Hozier as British as part of its 'Brits Blitz' series





British mag The Huffington Post has claimed Irish artist Hozier as British in its 'Brits Blitz' list.

Hozier, who hails from Bray in Co Wicklow, has been included in the 'Crowd Pleasers' section of the article which gives a rundown of the 'quiet Brits making SMASHING it overseas' as stated on the Post's official Twitter account.

Whilst Hozier is currently globe-trotting on the back of the success of his self-titled debut album, he is still Irish, a completely different nationality.

Writer Rachel McGrath does acknowledge that Hozier is, in fact, Irish, although she says they are "happy to take him to our British bosom".


"The crowd pleasers are an extension of this genre, artists such as Mumford And Sons, George Ezra and Hozier (Irish, we know, we know... but we're happy to take him to our British bosom) who are all making waves - though not necessarily with groundbreaking, new styles of music," she writes.

Hozier has been adopted alongside genuine British artists including George Ezra and FKA and Jamie xx.

She continues, "Hozier broke through, following the release of ‘Take Me To Church’, which was accompanied by a thought-provoking, viral hit video.

"His self-titled 2014 debut went platinum, and by the following February he was on stage with Annie Lennox at the Grammys."

A photo of Hozier is included in a tweet about the article.

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