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Slane 2015: Garden gnomes and selfie sticks banned from Foo Fighters concert

The Foo Fighters have banned garden gnomes from their show at Slane concert next week.

Lord Henry Mount Charles confirmed the ban at a Garda briefing at his Co Meath estate today.

A spokesperson for MCD believes the bizarre request could have been made in a bid to ensure members of the backstage production team carefully read the bands rider.

"I don't know if it was put on there to make sure we read it or because they are concerned people will thrown them," an MCD spokesperson said. "Different bands have different criteria."

MCD were unable to confirm or deny if any members of the Foo Fighters have had "a negative experience with garden gnomes in the past."

Chairs, umbrellas and selfie sticks have also been banned from the concert.

This years concert has particular resonance for Mount Charles who has recently recovered from a battle with lung cancer.

"When I was in my darkest moment I thought if this is the last show I see I want it to be rock and roll," he said.

Mount Charles said planning the concert had given him a target to look forward to during his treatment.

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