Thursday 20 June 2019

Sinead O'Connor reveals latex shots were a 'cold blooded publicity stunt' and jokes she should 'do' Van Morrisson 'before it's too late'

Sinead O'Connor cover 'I'm not Bossy, I'm the Boss'
Sinead O'Connor cover 'I'm not Bossy, I'm the Boss'

Singer-songwriter Sinead O'Connor veered from the serious to the sublime to the amusing in an online Q&A with fans and readers on The Guardian website.

Promoting her 10th studio album, 'I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss', Sinead touched upon the subjects of theology, the objectification of women in pop, naughty websites, Van Morrisson, and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

She recently posed in latex for the cover of the album, and she addressed the notion of a 'new image' in the Q&A.

Asked if  "your new ‘SexKittenSinead’ image is your post-Miley-barney, postmodern trump card in the discussion of selling sex and music?", she replied: "It's not my new image, as you can see, it was a cold-blooded publicity stunt. And it worked. I wanted to draw attention to my album, my absolutely fan-f***ing-tastic album. And no-one's ever seen me looking remotely like a female, so I knew they'd run the shots if they saw me with the hair and latex. And they'd have to mention the album."

Another asked the star what her favourite insult is, and her least favourite compliment.

"In answer to your first question: Suck my dick, b***h," she wrote, addings "To your second: I don't like people saying I look good because I'm skinny. I don't like words like 'good' or 'bad' being associated with female weight."

Another posed the question, "I think you should do something with Van Morisson (before it’s too late). Are you a fan of him?", to which Sinead replied, "I think I should actually do him, before it's too late."

She later added that the person she would most love to work with is producer Mark Ronson, "Because he's just so f***ing incredibly brilliant, and so am I.  I like the stuff he did with Amy Winehouse."

In response to a marriage proposal, she said, "No. And he should be very glad about that, because I'm not wife material."

She also revealed that she sometimes goes online anonymously, on "naughty websites".

Sinead closed the Q&A with the statement, "Now the clock has struck two, my tampon is turning into a pumpkin. I gotta run".

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