Sunday 19 January 2020

Remember 80's boyband Bros? They've reunited and will tour next year

Luke and Matt Goss from boyband Bros
Luke and Matt Goss from boyband Bros
Luke and Matt Goss from boyband Bros
Luke and Matt Goss with Craig Logan from boyband Bros

Eighties boyband Bros are getting back together - more than 20 years after they called it a day.

Twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss - who enjoyed a major hit with the track When Will I Be Famous? - will play London's O2 Arena in August next year.

The pair inspired teenagers to wear bottle caps on the shoes in their heyday.

Matt, who has enjoyed a solo career since they split, said: "As the lead singer of the band, my musical connection has always been with Luke. Bros is Matt and Luke."

Bros last played together in 1989 and split in 1992.

Matt recently dismissed speculation about a reunion, saying: "Bros is always surrounded by rumours. I think if it was going to happen it would come out of my mouth and my brother's mouth."

The band will perform their old hits.

Luke said that he was excited about the reunion, and a little nervous.

"I'm like a big kid right now. I'm pinching myself," he said.

He said that he always wanted to reunite with his brother and "didn't want to resist it anymore.

"I have always wanted it to happen in my heart but wanted it to be at the right time," he said.

"This is a dream come true. It's always something I've wanted to do but at the right level."

Matt promised the concert would be a "spectacle" and the best show Bros has ever performed.

He said that he and his brother "were in a good place together."

Luke and Matt Goss with Craig Logan from boyband Bros
Luke and Matt Goss with Craig Logan from boyband Bros

Matt said Craig Logan - who left the band in 1989 - was welcome to join them but he was focused on his career as a music executive.

"Me and my brother started the band at school. Bros is Matt and Luke without question," he said.

Luke added: "some of our greatest achievements are just the two of us. I'm very comfortable to say Matt and Luke are Bros."

Asked whether there would be more gigs, Luke said the duo would "see how it goes".

After the band split, Luke became an actor and has appeared in films such as Hellboy 2 and Blade 2.

Matt went to the US, where he was completely unknown and - after the band lost their money - he had so little to spend he could only buy "one cheeseburger a day".

Luke and Matt Goss from boyband Bros
Luke and Matt Goss from boyband Bros

Matt has previously told how he did not know how to manage his wealth, as he did not even know what the difference between "net and gross was".

But he went on to forge a hugely successful career playing a residency in Las Vegas.

Today's announcement was hosted by TV presenter Emma Willis, who declared she was one of the band's biggest fans, known as Brossettes, and even got out her old Bros scrapbook to show the pair.

At the peak of their fame, female fans threw bras at the twins on stage.

"When those bras hit you on the face, let me tell you they leave a mark," Matt said.

Matt said he would bring out his old leather jackets and, possibly, ripped jeans to the concert on August 19.

The pair told how they decided to get back together over a "beer" and decided "it's time".

Matt said that despite his successful career in Las Vegas, "nothing has ever compared to having my brother on stage with me".

He admitted to being "terrible with lyrics", relying on his brother to help.

"He would think the chorus was coming up in a bar and I'd say 'six more bars'," Luke said.

Luke admitted that he was having "to learn to play drums at a level I'm happy with again" and that his hand got covered in blisters with all the practice.

The band were also famous for I Owe You Nothing.

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