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Previously unheard Kurt Cobain interview has been unearthed, interviewer admits it's 'terrible'

Music legend Kurt Cobain Photo: Frank Micelotta
Music legend Kurt Cobain Photo: Frank Micelotta
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain cover
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A previously unheard audio interview with Kurt Cobain from 1991 has been unearthed.

The Nirvana frontman was interviewed by then student Roberto Lorusso for his campus radio station on September 20 at the Opera House in Toronto, Canada.

It was just four days before their second album, Nevermind, released and catapulted the band to superstardom, led by the single Smells Like Teen Spirit.

During the interview, conducted by a nervous Lorusso, who was just 21 at the time and had just started playing in bands, Cobain, who was then 24 years old, spoke about rap, fame and record deals.

Regarding rap, Lorusso asked Cobain what he thought of Consolidated, a group whose white members often rapped, and he said he was "not really that much of a fan" of rap.

"I'm a fan of rap music, but most of it is so misogynist that I can't even deal with it. I'm not really that much of a fan, I totally respect and love it because it's one of the only original forms of music that's been introduced, but the white man doing rap is just like watching a white man dance. We can't dance, we can't rap," he said.

Cobain also spoke about being bored of getting the same questions all the time but said that he understood it as the band didn't have "much of an image".

In a post accompanying the recording, which he titled 'My embarrassing interview with Kurt Cobain', Lorusso said it is "a terrible interview."

Kurt Cobain, 1993
Kurt Cobain, 1993

He added, "I am not feigning self-deprecating modesty when I say this, this is objectively terrible by all journalistic standards. It is so for the following reasons: 1) my questions were poorly crafted because 2) my research was incomplete and inaccurate."

He said he decided to release it anyway now because "it's still history" and "my friends keep bugging me to post this trash fire".  He also said that despite his lack of interviewing prowess, Cobain "was remarkably patient and kind".

Speaking about his impression of Cobain after that interview he added, "As we spoke I got a vague sense that he wasn’t really enjoying their success. I couldn’t understand it. I was so enamoured with and envious of his talent and success I just couldn’t understand how he could have been so indifferent to it.

"A few years later it became very clear why. When I reflected on this experience, I realized that success doesn’t mean a goddamn thing if your world is falling apart. Depression is a cruel thief that bankrupts your life with one fleeting moment of joy at a time. It still bums me out."

Cobain died by suicide on April 5, 1994.

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