Tuesday 24 September 2019

Peter Hook and the Light: Legendary indie rocker continues to set fire to the stage wherever he goes

Peter Hook
Peter Hook
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

Legendary indie rock star Peter Hook has taken to the stage in Dublin tonight reminding a diverse fanbase he’s more than relevant 40 years after his career ignited globally.

The sell-out concert at the Academy in Dublin came a night after a well-received concert in Limerick and after just a few songs in, the singer lashed into the famous ‘She’s Lost Control’ and ‘Transmission’ by Joy Division, momentarily turning his back to the audience with typical rock star panache.

Peter Hook and the Light are the hot gig in Dublin tonight with not even a spare ticket available on social networks. And gig goers in their 40s and 50s, were particularly elated to see a musician they’ve grown up with.

Hooky, as he’s famously become known, displayed his usual swagger and prowess as he lifted his famous bass onto his shoulders shouting “This is only the start, we’re nowhere near the end” and within moments he had the audience singing along with every word.

Peter Hook and The Light on stage at The Academy
Peter Hook and The Light on stage at The Academy

The artist still has a presence his old band New Order, have arguably been missing, since a rift saw them reform without him in 2011.

But there is no stopping the 63-year-old tonight as he fires through some of New Order and their first incarnation, Joy Division’s impeccable catalogue of culture shifting rock.

Hooky, who famously comes from the other ‘Dirty Old Town’ Salford, tonight come home to his second city, where fans of all ages welcomed him with open arms.

The atmosphere was a relaxed one with students and fans old enough to be their parents, fresh from lapping up the Indian Summer weather.

The band are playing two of New Order’s most famous albums: Technique (1989) and Republic (1993) – along with a host of Joy Division classics.

Republic was an album created, according to Hooky, to save the iconic dance club The Hacienda, in Manchester, which New Order co-owned but that attempt failed and the nightspot marred by drugs and gangland closed in 1997.

One thing is for sure as the gig gets underway is Hooky seems to have maintained the drive and charisma that any artist should aspire to today as he continues to set fire to the stage wherever he goes.

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