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'Pathetic' - Iggy Azalea fans respond to 'Booty' video release


Jennifer Lopez in 'Booty' video

Jennifer Lopez in 'Booty' video


Iggy Azalea's fans are famous for supporting the singer religiously - but it looks like that is changing.

Of the almost 2,000 comments on Iggy's Facebook page since she posted the newly-released 'Big Booty' video a few hours ago, the overwhelming majority are very negative about both the song and the accompanying video.

Comments range from calling the song a "waste of time and money" to slating the two performers involved. "Two gorgeous ladies making themselves very cheap".

One commenter even went as far to call the song a "Wh*re anthem", with another adding "that's 4 minutes and 15 seconds of my life I can NEVER get back".

R&B artist Lorduy weighed in on the debate, writing "this video really surprised me".

Iggy's fans may not be immediately taken with the collaboration but it's been viewed over 2.3m times since it's release less than 24 hours ago.

Have a look at the full video below and let us know what you think - are music videos like 'Big Booty' and 'Anaconda' going too far, or is this what music stars have to do nowadays to sell their music?



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