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One Direction - we want to take hold of our career


One Direction

One Direction


Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof



One Direction

One Direction have said they want to "take a hold" of where their career is going.

The boyband released their fourth album, Four, last Friday, and it features 10 tracks co-written by the band.

"Now we feel like we really want to take a hold of where our career is going, to say the things we want to say and sing about the stuff we want to sing about," said Liam Payne.

"I'd say out of all the albums we've had out so far, this is the album I've had on repeat, whereas the other ones I haven't really listened to that much since we did them."

The boys also landed the opening line of Bob Geldof's Band Aid 30 single, Do they Know It's Christmas?

It's an honour that previously went to Chris Martin, Kylie Minogue and originally Paul Young.

Geldof said the opening section was the "hardest" to sing because being first it's the most recognisable.

But he was impressed with how "sad" One Direction made it, almost "whispering in" the first few words.

As if it was ever in any doubt, Bono gets to do 'his' line again, even though the lyrics have changed from "well tonight thank god it's them instead of you" to "well tonight we're reaching out and touching you".

Sinead O'Connor stayed at Geldof's house the night before the recording and had specifically requested the phrases she wanted to sing as they meant the most to her: "Why is comfort to be feared, why is touch to be scared."

Geldof said sales of the single, which will aid Ebola victims in Africa, have "gone manic" and had raised more than €1.25m within minutes of the song being debuted on the X Factor on Sunday night.