Tuesday 24 October 2017

Nothing compares to 2014 for U2

Apple CEO Tim Cook, left, greets Bono and The Edge of U2
Apple CEO Tim Cook, left, greets Bono and The Edge of U2

Will Hanafin

U2 learned a very big lesson this year. Only one person is allowed to access your personal space and give you presents, and it's not Bono.

The only messianic man with odd dress sense allowed to spread free cheer is Santa Claus.

It was the year that U2 waded into the murky world of spammy marketing. The lads joined illustrious compatriots like Nigerian princes, Chinese industrialists and Viagra pedlars who regularly clog up your in-box.

The band found out that people are very finicky about what they put on their iTunes account. Subscribers may like putting dodgy Michael Buble Christmas albums on their account but nobody else is allowed to impose their bad taste on you.

Bono and the gang were obviously unaware of this fact when they decided that it would be a good strategy to load Songs of Innocence directly onto iPhones and iPads.

The ultimate indignity was when Apple had to release a U2 removal tool to dislodge the unwanted musical guest on iTunes.

Don't worry, lads. Your annus horribilis is nearly over. Just stop the spamming next year and you'll be fine!

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