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Niall Horan speaks about his fans 'cancelling' Dustin the Turkey: 'The Americans were going nuts'


Niall Horan (Ian West/PA)

Niall Horan (Ian West/PA)

Niall Horan (Ian West/PA)

Superstar Niall Horan will be holding a live show online with proceeds from ticket sales to be donated to his road crew, who have been “left behind” since the beginning of the pandemic.

The one-off show, which will be streamed online, will take place in the Royal Albert Hall on November 7, with tickets on sale from this Friday.

The show will not be available to watch back after it has aired and all profits will be going towards the singer’s staff who accompanied him while touring but are now out of work.

The Mullingar native told the BBC that he was supposed to be on tour with his crew for six months this year, visiting Australia, Asia, Europe and America.

"My stage manager is working on a building site currently," he said.

"A couple of lads are working in Tesco and Sainsbury's.

"If there's no touring, they don't have a job. They've been left behind."

Unfortunately for the crew, it's unlikely they will find work again soon, he added.

"If you can't get six people around a table in a pub, how are you going to get 20,000 people into the O2 Arena? That's the way I've been thinking about it. And that's why I wanted to do this [fundraiser] now and not leave it any longer."

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The megastar said that his touring crew were not as "lucky" as him.

"I'm obviously one of the lucky ones, but not everyone is as lucky as me," he said.

"I'm a 27-year-old dude, I live with one person, my cousin, in the middle of London. I'm fit and I'm healthy.”

He said that the road crew have been "completely forgotten by the government".

"And actually their way of dealing with it is to say, 'You need to get another job,' which is madness for me."

The star said that the “least” he could do was “stick a gig on”.

"Our crew members are the ones that have basically been forgotten about. Furlough doesn't touch them - and they are the ones who have mortgages and families and homes and lives to pay for [but] they haven't got any funds to do so."

"I felt it was absolutely the least I could do, was stick a gig on," he says. "And I urge all the other artists, including friends of mine, to do the same."

Speaking to Ray D’Arcy on RTÉ Radio One today, Niall admitted he misses playing live music to fans.

“I would have been touring right now, I would have been playing gigs at home - I think I was due to play the 3 Arena at the end of October or November. I love playing live gigs and it is where I feel most comfortable. You definitely miss that when you’re doing an Instagram live.

Niall Horan also joked about One Direction’s wax figures being reinstated to Madame Tussauds and noted he was so young when the band were at their peak stardom that his chest “was as bald as a coot”.

In one of the stranger news items of 2020, sections of Niall Horan’s fandom attempted to cancel Dustin the Turkey due to his perceived ignorance toward their beloved singer.

Niall admitted “it was gas seeing the internet go mad” because they didn’t know much about Dustin the Turkey. “The Americans were going nuts,” he said.

Niall added: “I didn’t even know how to explain it, to be honest. The Irish were doing some laughing at it.

Niall accepted Ray’s invitation to join Dustin the Turkey and Ray on The Den to get his own back.

The Westmeath star also spoke about social media and how he developed a thick skin, as he said, “I’ve been doing this a long time. At the start I would take offense and bite back; now I don’t care.’

Reflecting on the band’s rise to superstardom, Niall said: “For me it doesn’t feel mad at all. I’m a mozy-ier. I just mozy along, cracking on. Some of the things I’ve done and seen are nuts but I just get on with it.’

He hopes to sell 60,000 to 70,000 tickets for the show, which will raise enough to "pay all of my crew".

Leftover proceeds from the show will be donated to the charity #WeNeedCrew, which was set up by a former production assistant for One Direction.

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