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More than 100 Ed Sheeran competition winners left ticket-less for exclusive Dublin gig


Ed Sheeran performs live during the Telekom Street Gig at Zugspitze

Ed Sheeran performs live during the Telekom Street Gig at Zugspitze

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Ed Sheeran performs live during the Telekom Street Gig at Zugspitze

Over one hundred Ed Sheeran ticket winners for tonight's Dublin gig were left 'gutted’ after they were told there were no tickets left for the exclusive event.

The hugely disappointed fans arrived at the venue Whelan's yesterday to pick up their ‘winning’ tickets, only to be told at the door that there were “no tickets left” by staff.

Thousands of fans entered a competition for a chance to see the star perform in the Dublin music venue tonight for his 'The VHI Storytellers Live' gig. According to the organisers, winners were picked at random and there were 400 tickets to give away.

However, winners who had failed to read the terms and conditions of the tickets were shocked to find out that the tickets had all been snapped up by the time they arrived to get them. As common practice worldwide, the TV production oversubscribed as a percentage of people who apply for tickets fail to turn up.

One fan told Independent.ie of his disappointment.

 “I got an email to say I had been selected as a winner of two tickets,” Damian Kearney said.


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran

"My email explained that we had to pick up wristbands on the Friday, bringing ID.

"It also said they could be picked up between 3pm and 7pm. I also got a phone call from the Applause store explaining it again,” he explained.

“After queuing outside were brought inside to wait. Eventually, a girl from the VH1/applause store team came out and explained that all the tickets were gone.”

“When people started protesting, the spokesperson emphasised that the first come first served business was in the terms and conditions on the eTickets, and explained that they oversell tickets to make sure that the events are full, even if some people don't turn up, which is completely mad,” he continued.

Myself and particularly my girlfriend are massive Ed Sheeran fans, and we went from being delighted to bitterly disappointed in the space of a few seconds,” he added.

Many irate  fans protested on Whelan’s official Facebook page that nothing had been said about the possibility of not getting tickets prior to being selected as winner.

“I had emailed Whelans during the week, and they said I just had to be there between 3-7pm, nothing about first come first served,” said Sheeran fan Aoife Cleary.

“That is dreadful,” said another.

“Imagine the disappointment. I can't believe it. I would say 95 per cent of people did not read the FAQ's section. That is just unbelievable.”

In response, Whelan’s told Independent.ie that all ticketing for the event was handled by ApplauseStore.com, specialists in television event ticketing, for such shows inc. the likes of the X Factor and Top Gear etc.

"We can understand people's disappointment at receiving an eTicket for the Ed Sheeran show, then to find there were no spaces left," the venue wrote on their official Facebook page.

“It is common practice for all TV productions worldwide to oversubscribe as a percentage of people who apply for tickets, simply don’t turn up.

“For those who received an official eTicket, it did state in the terms and conditions that the event would be oversubscribed and that wristband allocation would be served on a first come, first served basis and all subject to availability.

“Anyone that didn’t receive a wristband yesterday were offered the chance to receive guaranteed entrance tickets to another television show in the future.

"We know this mean’s little to the few that were left out and we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused,” the statement read.

The following terms were also stated in the FAQ section on the Applause store website: “Seats are limited and tickets holders will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the capacity of the studio.

"Admission is not guaranteed for any show/production.”

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