Monday 27 May 2019

Moran & Bewley Hotel group to refund all Garth Brooks bookings at a cost of €1.1m

Bewley's Hotel, Newland's Cross, Dublin. Picture Credit: Caroline Quinn
Bewley's Hotel, Newland's Cross, Dublin. Picture Credit: Caroline Quinn

Moran & Bewley hotels are to refund everyone who has booked and paid for rooms for the cancelled Garth Brooks concerts.

Moran & Bewley hotels are prepared to overlook any terms and conditions that usually are associated with no-refund rooms.

In a statement, Moran & Bewley Hotel Group expressed its its "disappointment to hear of the total cancellation of all five of the Garth Brooks concerts".

"We would like to reassure our guests that all rooms, including those booked under a no-refund policy, which have been pre-paid will be completely refunded under these exceptional  circumstances.

"The decision to cancel all five concerts will cost Moran & Bewley's Hotels a conservative minimum of €800,000 but estimates of everything from F&B (food and beverage) to car parking will put that figure closer to an estimated €1.1 million."

Meanwhile, business chiefs have said that the fallout for the Dublin economy will be devastating.

It is estimated that each concert is worth at least €10m to the economy. As well  as the immediate economic loss, they said the cancellations will caused huge reputational damage overseas.

A total of 400,000 tickets had been sold for the five Croke Park gigs, including around 70,000 overseas.

It has been estimated that the five concerts would have generated up to €50m in revenue.

Meanwhile, the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) released a statement this afternoon stating that the hospitality industry in Ireland is left reeling after Aiken's announcement.

Chief Executive of the RAI, Adrian Cummins said; “The breakdown in communication between organisations in the Garth Brooks fiasco has the potential to damage Brand Ireland abroad, but also tourism businesses internally.

Mr Cummins says that the "fiasco" tarnishes Brand Ireland’s image as a destination to host large international music, sporting and cultural events.

"The cancellation of all five concerts in July will tarnish the image of Ireland as a tourist destination to overseas visitors, and disrupts the travel plans of thousands of concert-goers who have already booked flights, hotels and tours."

"Hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions throughout Ireland will all suffer because of the lack of streamlining between industry and governmental bodies," he said.

Mr Cummins calls on all tourism bodies to ensure that "we can make real progress in order to avoid another situation like the one currently being faced by Croke Park, Aiken Promotions and Dublin City Council.”

It has been estimated that the five concerts would have generated up to €50m in revenue for the state.


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