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Meet the Irish songwriter who has penned hits for Britney, TLC and One Direction's Niall Horan


Ruth-Anne Cunningham

Ruth-Anne Cunningham

Ruth-Anne Cunningham

She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, but no one left quite as much of an impression on Ruth-Anne Cunningham as Niall Horan.

The singer-songwriter left Dublin when she was just 17 to make it big in Los Angeles and has since written songs for Britney Spears, Pixie Lott, JoJo and TLC.

The Baldoyle native hit it off with One Direction star Niall Horan and praised the singer for his songwriting abilities.

"I've written with Niall. He is the best, he's such a nice guy," she told the Herald Diary.

"He's great and he is a really talented writer. We wrote a really good tune. We're going to do more together. [One Direction] are all great guys. They are very down to earth for everything that they have been through."

Although she has not worked with the Mullingar native on any solo material just yet, Ruth-Anne is hoping that will change if the pop star decides to record a solo album.

"If he was doing a solo album, I would definitely write for him. He should do a solo album," she said.

Ruth-Anne is currently recording her debut CD and hopes to release her first single later in the summer.

"It took me a lot of years to find what I wanted to do. I write for all different kinds of pop artists so I got distracted," she said.

"I'm doing it in London and LA. I am going to probably release an EP first. It's more urban, soul.

"It's very different from what people will have heard from me as a writer."

Although she's used to life in Tinseltown now, Ruth-Anne struggled to adjust in her early days.

"It can be a lonely place to live. I'm lucky that I have some UK friends here. I definitely need my home people or else I think I would go mad," she said.

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