Monday 20 May 2019

MCD's Denis Desmond: 'Garth Brooks should have done the three Croke Park shows'

Concert promoter Denis Desmond has warned that international acts “will be more careful” about coming to Ireland, in light of the Croke Park debacle.

The managing director of MCD Productions said he is also surprised that country singer Garth Brooks didn’t offer the compromise of doing three shows, and two more next year.

He told RTE’s Morning Ireland today: “I’m surprised Garth Brooks didn’t do the three shows and relocate the other two shows, and do them next year.”

“I think he should have done the three shows and come up [with another solution].”

“There’s nothing wrong with licensing. Licensing has worked and was introduced years ago.”

“I think acts will be a bit more careful,” he admitted.

Mr Desmond said that while three concerts at Croke Park was already the norm, standard practise is to begin the process of planning any concert and “get a feel” for how the prospect would be received by all parties.”

“The process is consultation, and you get a feel for [what the reaction would be to a number of concerts]. The norm is this year, there were already three shows this year with One Direction.”

“Looking for five shows was unprecedented...and it was seen as one step too many by the council

Meanwhile, Eamon O’Brien chairman of the Croke Park Streets Committee has said he is “very surprised and disappointed” that no resolution was reached over the last week.

“Crisis often concentrates the mind and leads parties in a new direction,” he told Morning Ireland.

But he said, in this case, this didn’t happen.

“What the promoter and the GAA did, they created an economic jauggernaut where they sold 400,000 tickets.”

“It’s a lockdown situation... this was too much for the community to accept.”

He added: “There were supposed to be secret meeting going on for the last seven days...but no one at all approached us.”

“These things can be solved on the steps as they say but no one contacted us.”

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