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Mattress Mick and Richie Kavanagh's new music video is every bit as 'wtf' as you'd expect


The Ballad of Mattress Mick

The Ballad of Mattress Mick

The Ballad of Mattress Mick

We have no idea what's going on but we're into it.

Eccentric Dublin businessman and icon, Mattress Mick, has teamed up with Aon Focal Eile hitmaker Richie Kavanagh to create a ballad for the ages.

The Ballad of Mattress Mick highlights the importance of a decent place to lay your head through the lyrics: "Two things in life that you can't do without, I heard it from my mother, a good pair of shoes and nice new bed, if you're not in one, you're in the other."

The music video features a portal to another realm, an Oompa Loompa handcuffed to a bed, a giant sheep playing the tin whistle, a few Irish dancers, an irate mammy, the stars of the song parading about Mattress Mick's superstore and all sorts of hijinks.

Why are these things happening? We have no idea.

Just enjoy the journey.

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