Tuesday 10 December 2019

LISTEN: Limerick woman's beautiful song about dealing with anxiety

Jason Kennedy

A young Limerick singer-songwriter is sure to tug at heartstrings with her new song about dealing with anxiety.

Limerick woman Emma Langford came up with her newest tune 'Tug O' War' while in the shower, where she says she gets her inspiration.

"I get my best ideas in the shower, so I did a bit of exercise, took a shower, starting humming along to the rhythm of the water and the electrical hum, and Tug O War was born," she said.

"I'm somewhat out of regular work at the moment and I'm finding it hard to leave the house. I get anxious a lot, and like any creative person I spend a lot of my time doubting myself, my creative choices, the path I've chosen in life.

"The song is about not letting the little voice of anxiety inside your head stop you from brazenly going forth and reaching your potential."

Emma credits musical inspirations Ben Caplan and Kathleen Turner with how the song, which she just published to YouTube today.

"Kathleen is someone I really admire for her songwriting, and she taught me gospel in college which I think comes through in the whole vibe of the song.

"Ben, who I supported recently in [Limerick venue] Dolan's, sings in this beautifully soulful low register, so that inspired me to play around in my own low register."

The 26-year-old is no stranger to performing, having played her music around Limerick. She's now looking to bring her music around the country.

"I'm currently reaching out to venues around the country for a few gigs.  I really want to bring my music to new audiences - I'm tired of playing - literally - within my comfort zone."

Emma is now working on a new EP, which she hopes will be up for release in the next few months.

To listen to more of Emma's music, visit her YouTube page.

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