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Limerick singer Denise Chaila releases single with Ed Sheeran


Denise Chaila and Ed Sheeran. Picture: Instagram

Denise Chaila and Ed Sheeran. Picture: Instagram

Denise Chaila and Ed Sheeran. Picture: Instagram

Limerick singer Denise Chaila has released a song with British pop sensation Ed Sheeran.

The new single is called ‘2step remix’ and features Sheeran along with the grime and hip-hop artist. Chaila is best-known for her hit songs Anseo and Chaila. 

Chaila recently completed an Island tour with Sheeran, who played a string of hugely successful concerts in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Belfast.

As part of the ‘Mathematic Tour’ Chaila and English singer songwriter Maisie Peters performed as warm-up acts.

In a post on Instagram, Chaila said: “2step Remix, with @teddysphotos out now everywhere you find music x⁣”

“(plus bonus extra footage of me at @theclinicrecordingstudios the moment I stopped freaking out and just… played until I found my flow) (it’s 2am where I am and so dark, but I’m wide awake because who can sleep when life is doing all this?)”

Chaila expressed her disbelief at the release in a message on Twitter, she said: “I’ve been staring at this for hours cause look. Look at that.”

“That’s real. Had a moment where a friend said they remember the exact moment I took music seriously, and how scared I was. Still am. And then, out of the blue? I’m looking at this. That’s me.”

The Zambia-born hip-hop star released her first single, ‘Dual Citizenship’ in 2019 and later made her breakthrough performance on Irish screens on the Late Late Show the following September.

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