Saturday 19 October 2019

Liam doesn't want to look back in anger over famous feud with Noel

Noel and (right) Liam Gallagher. Photo: PA
Noel and (right) Liam Gallagher. Photo: PA

Julia Hunt

Liam Gallagher has said "there will be war" if something happens to his mother before he and his brother Noel have reconciled their differences.

The siblings have been feuding ever since Oasis broke up in 2009 after years of infighting, but Liam recently said he would ask Noel to his wedding because "me mam told me to".

The former Oasis frontman told the BBC he was in a good place and that the "only spanner in the works is you know who".

Asked whether the feud with Noel upsets his mother, Liam said: "I was saying the other day if, God forbid, something happens to my mam and we haven't made up by then... then there will be war.

"Because there have been so many opportunities on his behalf."

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