Monday 22 July 2019

Kodaline confirm Harry Styles did write the mystery lyrics that surfaced on Twitter

Harry Styles was thought to have rekindled his romance with Caroline Flack late last year.
Harry Styles was thought to have rekindled his romance with Caroline Flack late last year.
Megan Trainor
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The handwritten Kodaline lyrics that surfaced on Twitter were written by One Direcion's Harry Styles it has been confirmed.

Harry had been rumoured to have penned the lyrics for 'Make it Feel Right', which were shared by fans on Twitter.

Radio 1 Breakfast Show DJ Nick Grimshaw cleared up the speculation with a phonecall to Mark Prendergast of Kodaline.

Prendergast confirmed that the song was a collaboration between the band and Harry.


When Nick read out the lyrics, Mark said, "I think they are, yes. We wrote the song ages ago but that sounds like them all right."

Styles has been busy collaboration recently, having just penned a song with artist of the moment, Meghan Trainor. 

The All About That Bass hitmaker told The Sun, "It’s a duet. It’s a beautiful song we wrote together on my ukulele. We even recorded a rough demo together with our vocals together. It’s a cute acoustic love thing.

“It’s one of the first cool things I got to do with a pop star.

"A friend of mine said Harry was a fan and said he would love to write with me. He’s an incredible writer, too. I was worried he’d just be a 20-year-old boy. So I walked in with a prepared verse and chorus. But he gave me very poetic, mature lyrics. I was like, ‘Well, damn, Harry, you know what love is.'”

The track, called Someday Maybe, might not be available for fans to hear though, as Harry is committed to his One Direction duties.

And while they have made sweet music together, Meghan says romance was not on her mind when she worked with the British star.

“No, definitely not – we’re good friends,” she smiled. “But I adore all the One Direction boys. Every time I meet them I’m like, ‘Hi, you’re all perfect.'

“But they’re One Direction. And I’m just a girl from Massachusetts. Plus, I can’t date another pop star. They’re all too busy.”

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