Monday 9 December 2019

Jay Z to join Pharrell Williams in boosting Cara Delevingne's music career

Jay Z is reporteldy interested in helping Cara Delevingne forge a career in music a la Rihanna
Jay Z is reporteldy interested in helping Cara Delevingne forge a career in music a la Rihanna newsdesk and agencies

Jay Z is reportedly convinced he can turn Cara Delevingne into a huge music star.

The 22-year-old's modelling success is just the beginning of her career; she has already dipped her toes into acting and is currently working towards the release of her first album. It was recently announced her debut single will have the help of none other than music extraordinaire Pharrell Williams - but he isn't the only big name who is lining up to work with Cara.

It's thought Jay is keen to aid her journey towards topping the charts after meeting through mutual friend, and the rapper's protégé, Rihanna.

"As far as Jay is concerned, there isn't another woman around who could achieve the type of multifaceted stardom he believes Cara is set for. She has the same relentless and cool attitude as the likes of Rihanna or [Jay's wife] Beyoncé, plus the added appeal of being a genuine international supermodel," an insider revealed to British magazine Look. "He's convinced she can make a huge mark on the music industry over the next five years."

Jay is also said to be working on getting Cara signed to his label Roc Nation, where she would join the likes of Big Sean, Calvin Harris and other close pal, Rita Ora.

The British beauty is reportedly dedicating all her spare time to getting her first single spot on and has been lucky enough to receive advice from experts in the area.

"Rihanna has been offering her a lot of support, teaching her about the craft and how to put on a big production," the source added. "Cara has been on stage before, but modelling is very different to doing the kind of shows that Rih puts on."

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