Saturday 25 May 2019

'It's a nothing song', says Louis Walsh on Ireland's Eurovision hopes

Louis Walsh (Ian West/PA)
Louis Walsh (Ian West/PA)
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Louis Walsh has described Ireland's Eurovision entry as a "nothing song" and said it was a bad sign that it wasn't even in the top 100 of the Irish charts.

This Thursday will see Sarah McTernan taking to the stage in Israel's Tel Aviv and performing 22 to a potential TV audience of one billion across Europe.

"If she had a great song, we would say she was great," Walsh said.

"It's not her fault at all, it's a nothing song. I don't remember it.

Louis Walsh and Paddy Power
Louis Walsh and Paddy Power

"I don't even think it's in the top 100 in the charts, which is a bad sign because you have to go to Europe with a hit record under your belt and it's not even a hit locally."

He said that he hopes that Sarah makes it out of the semi-final stage to go on to represent Ireland in this Saturday's final, but he's not confident that she will go beyond this stage.

"I hope she does, because it's not her fault at all. She's got an opportunity and she's right to do it, but it's a song contest, and the song's just not good enough," he said.

"I've had three Eurovision winners: two with Johnny Logan and one with Linda Martin and even Jedward did great, because Lipstick was a great song and they had a great show. It was a great visual.

"You need a great song and a great performer and it has to be up-to-date.

"You have to get a record that works on radio.

"I think we could still win it at some stage if we got a great song, as the best songs always win."

The former X Factor judge has listened to many of this year's entries and reckons that the top five will be male-dominated.

"I think the top four will be boys. I have looked at the songs and I'm going to predict. I think the top four will either be Italy, Sweden, Russia or the Netherlands, with Ireland nowhere," he said.

He is also gearing up for Westlife's comeback gig in Belfast later this month.

Their first Irish gig since they went their separate ways in 2012, the Twenty Tour will hit the road here shortly.

"It's all going amazing. The album is the best album of their career, musically. They have songs written by people like Ed Sheeran and James Bay, and everything is sold out," said Walsh.

He joined forces with Paddy Power at its headquarters yesterday to help it launch its EU-Revision Brexit revenge campaign.

It saw him calling for people to vote for the UK's entry Michael Rice to win, meaning they would have to host the 2020 contest, and have an influx of Europhiles into their country for it.

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