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Irish singer finds fame as lead singer of Swedish rock band after being headhunted from YouTube


Thundermother, with Clare Cunningham (front)

Thundermother, with Clare Cunningham (front)

Thundermother, with Clare Cunningham (front)

AN Irish woman is finding fame in Sweden as the lead singer of one of its most promising new rock bands.

Louth native Clare Cunningham, from the village of Collon, has taken over as lead singer in all-female group ‘Thundermother’.

The band was created in 2010, however last year underwent a change in line up and has been going from strength-to-strength since.

Founders Filippa Nassil and Giorgia Cateri joined forces with old friends bassist Linda Ström and drummer Tilda Stenqvist – before head hunting Irish girl Clare as their lead singer.

“About a year-and-a-half ago I got a voicemail asking me to join a Swedish band, after they saw some of my videos I had just posted on YouTube”, Clare told Independent.ie.

“At first I was very sceptical and had no idea of what was involved - and I was very busy with my own band I had in Cardiff at the time.”

Due to being busy with work she didn’t even respond to the first message left for her – however the band were determined to meet her and continued calling.

“I made pleasant conversation and I was so busy with my band I was about to tell her I couldn't do anything with them -  then she mentioned that if I were to come on board, my first show would be in three weeks opening up 'Metaltown festival' for Motorhead.

“That obviously caught my attention and so we discussed it further and within a couple of days I was learning ten brand new songs.”

Clare had been knocking at the door of making it big in the music industry for many years – however she feels joining the band is the start of her big break.

“I had three weeks, and the girls flew me in for the gig - it was insane.

“I knew from that very moment walking onto that stage my music career was about to change''.

The band’s music has been described as ACDC meets Janis Joplin.

The band have embarked on an Ireland and UK tour, and play the Spirit Store in Dundalk on Friday night, Monroes in Galway on Saturday and Pavillion in Belfast on Sunday.

Tickets are €10 and are available online or can be bought at the venue. 

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