Wednesday 18 September 2019

'I was boxed in the back of the ear and I was bleeding' - Melanie McCabe reveals pitfalls of gigging

Melanie McCabe made it to Judge's Houses stage of The X Factor
Melanie McCabe made it to Judge's Houses stage of The X Factor
X FACTOR star Melanie McCabe
Melanie McCabe gave it her all at the judges' house but it wasn't enough for Nicole Scherzinger, who sent her packing
X Factor contestant Melanie McCabe
Melanie McCabe, the Irish ex-'X Factor' hopeful
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Former X Factor hopeful Melanie McCabe has revealed she has endured physical attacks at gigs.

The 22 year old singer has been performing live in pubs across Dublin for the past year and admits that things get "hairy" at times.

"Certain pubs were tougher than others," she told the Irish Daily Mail, "And you are going to have different crowds wherever you go and you have to be able to handle any situation. 

"There were loads of hairy moments.  Especially when people had a lot of drinks on them, things got out of hand at times."

The petite singer, who has a new manager in the form of Pat Egan, revealed she was physically attacked last year.

"People shout at you and pull at you," she said. "I was boxed in the back of the ear last year and the back of my earring pierced my head and I was bleeding.  And it was a a girl again and she was very, very drunk.

"But that is all experience for me and I took something from it and moved on.  Some day I am going to get to where I want to be and this is that path I have to walk to get there."

Melanie tried out for The X Factor four times but never managed to make it to the live shows.  After she was rejected for a fourth time by judge Nicole Scherzinger she decided never to go back.

She also revealed that she was asked to do The Voice but said she "had just had enough of the talent-show circuit".

Melanie will headline a concert at the National Concert Hall on Easter Sunday.

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