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'I told him to f*** off' - Sinead O'Connor reveals she had punch-up with Prince


Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor




Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor has revealed she came to blows with Prince over 'Nothing Compares 2U', the song he penned which propelled Sinead to superstardom.

Speaking in an interview with Norwegian station NRK yesterday, she said, "I did meet him a  couple of times.  We didn't get on at all.  In fact we had a punch-up. 

"He summoned me to his house after 'Nothing Compares'.  I made it without him.  I'd never met him.  He summoned me to his house - and it's foolish to do this to an Irish woman - he said he didn't like me saying bad words in interviews.  So I told him to f*** off."

Sinead revealed the row became physical.

"He got quite violent.  I had to escape out of his house at 5 in the morning.  He packed a bigger punch than mine.

In other news, Sinead last week posted a review of OhMiBod's latest sex toy, saying, "The OhMiBod?  Oh my God!  This is what every adult woman wants for christmas, trust me.  Even your Ma!  So tell your Da!  No man will ever be nagged again who buys this for his woman."

The outspoken star also had a pop at U2 this week, criticising their decision to allow Apple to give their new album away for free on iTunes.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she said the band "invaded people's lives" and comparing them to terrorists.

“There was something almost terrorist about it." she said. "I’m really not a U2 fan, but it wasn’t at all kosher invading people’s lives like that, It was bad management.”   

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