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'I think that's b******s' - Bob Geldof lets slip on live TV


Bob Gedolf has denied he was snubbed by singer Adele for the recording of Band Aid 30 and accidentally cursed live on air.

Speaking to Sky News he said the reports were "complete nonsense."

It had been claimed by The Mirror that Adele (26) 'ignored' him when he asked her to take part in the charity song recorded to raise millions for the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Geldof told Sky that rumours he had phoned her 100 times were totally untrue, saying, "I didn't call Adele at all because I don't have her number.

"There is no snub. I am only aware of this this morning, it's nonsense. Complete nonsense."

When the Sky presenter put it to him that a lot of detractors are saying "look at a lot of people in that room, a lot of wealthy people.  If they all paid their taxes in the right way we wouldn't need these kind of fundraising singles."

When he replied with, "I think they're talking bollocks." she said, "Pretty colourful language.  If you could not use any more we'd appreciate it."

When she then put something else to him, written by Ian Burrell, a journlaist who founded the Africa Express project, saying "this trite song will raise a comparative pittance, ignores Africans, and has a logo implying the virus struck the entire continent, patronising and perpetuating myths again.  Band Aid should have learned its lessons and stayed silent."

She asked him to respond without colourful language to which he replied again with colourful language.

A host of stars including One Direction, Bono, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin were in London on Saturday to record the single.

Bob silenced the studio with an emotional speech, warning that “this is so much bigger than us.”

“Today you join Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd and all those other people who at one time have done something for Band Aid,” he told the stars.

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"That pulls them back to say, 'How did I get here?'. They think, Jesus I've got to do this now, but this is the thing that rallies the country and that helps to stop this filthy disease,” he added later.

This is the fourth time the song has been recorded, with the most recent effort released a decade ago.

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