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HamsandwicH to release new album featuring 'Apollo' single on anniversary of Apollo 13 return


Irish Indie rockers HamsandwicH have finally put the finishing touches to their highly anticipated as-yet-untitled third album.

And in an uncanny coincidence given their current single from the album is 'Apollo', their planned release date, April 17, coincides with the 45th anniversary of the safe return of the Apollo 13 mission.

"It wasn't planned," says vocalist/guitarist Podge McNamee, "It's just a bizarre coincidence.  One of my friends pointed it out to me on Facebook earlier.  But it's a very appropriate date."

It has been five years since the hugely successful White Fox and Podge and bandmates Niamh Farrell, Brian Darcy, David McEnroe and Ollie Murphy are thrilled to finally have the follow-up in the bag.

"“We had time to mess around with this album.  The last album was very much last minute desperation.  We started in January 2010 and had it out at the end of July,” says Podge.

“This was at least two years, two and a half years if you count the early demos.  And it was hell at times to be honest!

“This album always felt like our second album.  White Fox was the first time we really had a handle on songwriting and it felt like we were writing an album and we took it seriously. 

“So with this we were like, ‘Oh God, we have to top White Fox with whatever improvements we have'.”

Podge reveals that the album makes some forays in new directions, which might not sit particularly well with some fans.

“This album is a lot more experimental.  We weren’t really afraid to go a bit far afield and we definitely go down new reads and new routes,” he says.

“There could be a few die hard HamsandwicH fans saying what the hell is this?  We were very much writing for ourselves, without being indulgent about it.

“It’s a risk in a way but it could be a case of dumping your previous girlfriend for someone else!  We’d get bored if we wrote something similar to before.”

They’ve certainly pushed boundaries with the video for the single, Apollo.  The Rubberbandits’ Bobby Chrome approached the band with an idea.

“We didn’t like his original idea and told him to go back to the drawing board because it was a bit too out there for us. But the second idea he came up wtih was much better.  He literally sent us the video and that was it. 

“I really like it – you just don’t expect what happens.  It’s insane.”

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