Thursday 22 August 2019

Give yourself the best chance of nabbing gig tickets with Ticketmaster's guide

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Nabbing tickets for gigs is an increasingly fraught endeavour as demand exceeds supply, your connection crashes just as you're about to click 'buy', and the gig is sold out at 9.01am.

To potentially ease the pain Ticketmaster has issued a guide to giving yourself the best shot of success. 

So, if you'd rather not be one of the unsuccessful ranting on Twitter at 9.05am on the morning of the ticket sale, why not give this a go?

1.  Get an Account

Set up a Ticketmaster account now (Click here to set it up), make sure all your details are correct, especially your address. In the postcode section add your postcode or Eircode. Don’t know your Eircode? Find it here.


2.  Add your Billing Details

Add your card details to your account in advance. This will save you fumbling with your card when you go to purchase your tickets. Remember we take debit and credit cards.


3. Log into your Ticketmaster Account

Log into your account before tickets go on sale. This way, if you manage to get tickets the rest of the purchasing process will be smooth and quick. Log in here.


4. Use a Secure Connection

If possible, log in at home so that you have a reliable WiFi connection. Office and public WiFi will have high demand which may slow down your connection and the purchasing process.


5. Only Use One Browser/Tab

Don’t open multiple browsers or tabs. Doing so may cause the Ticketmaster system to think you are a robot, which will kick you out of the queue and you will be unable to purchase tickets.


6. Don’t Refresh the Page

While you might think the page isn’t working, it is. You will be placed in a queue and will get access to tickets in a fair manner as quickly as possible. Just follow the instructions on screen. Refreshing a page will lose you your place in the queue.

Good luck!

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