Thursday 23 May 2019

Garth Brooks tribute act concert in aid of Temple Street to ease the pain for fans

A fraction of the 400,000 disappointed Garth Brooks fans can attend a consolation tribute concert on Saturday.

Friends in Low Places - The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience have been drafted in by The Ray Foley Breakfast Show and 98FM to play for a crowd of up to 2,700.

The concert is being held in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital and will take place at Dalymount Park, which has been donated by the Bohemian Football Club for the occasion.

Garth's proposed five dates were due to kick off at Croke Park on Friday July 25 but all five dates have been cancelled and refunds are currently being issued to ticket holders.

Friends in Low Places – The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience is a touring production, which features an 8 piece band and has been fronted by Garth look(and sound)alike Trevor Smith since 2009.

Promoter Conor Mulhall admits he wasn't keen to run an event on the weekend of the concert.

"We didn’t want to run anything in Dublin the weekend of the gigs," he says.  "We’d have a fairly good relationship with Aiken Promotions and it wouldn’t sit well with us to jump on the bandwagon and just make a quick buck. 

"We tour Ireland and the UK and Europe and we’d have been more than happy to go off and do what we do.  Peter Aiken I’d imagine is going through a tough time and we’d rather support him than not.

"We decided to do this gig with Bohemians because we said if we did one it would need to be for a charity, make a big of good out of a bad situation as such."

Dublin Gospel Choir have also come on board and will sing several Garth Brooks songs with lead singer Trevor and the band.

According to Conor there has been a mixed response from fans to the announcement of the tribute concert.

"A lot of people are very bitter," he says.  "If you mention the words Garth Brooks at all they’d pull a face at this stage!  But i think it'll settle down. 

"There will be a lot of Garth Brooks tribute bands descending on the capital but we've always been the big one.  We're not jumping to make a load of money on it.  We want to raise as much as we can for a good cause. 

"I do think there will be a certain element of the fans who just don’t want to go to Dublin or go to anything remotely associated with Garth Brooks, but I think there will also be a lot of fans who do and will be flying in to Dublin and have booked hotels and we hope they'll turn out to Dalymount."

Tickets are priced at €25 per person, with proceeds going to Temple Street Children’s Hospital and are available to purchase on Ray Foley will host and DJ on the night.

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