Wednesday 21 August 2019

Fear is our driving force, says U2's Larry Mullen ahead of homecoming shows

Larry Gogan and Larry Mullen
Larry Gogan and Larry Mullen
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

U2's Larry Mullen has revealed how fear is the driving force behind the band's success.

In a rare interview with 2fm's Larry Gogan that airs today, he was asked how the Dublin band have managed to keep going over the past four decades.

Despite being Ireland's biggest musical export, who have clocked up more than 170 million records worldwide, the drummer said they constantly feel the need to prove themselves.

"It is based on fear. Fear of failure and this sense sometimes that you're successful and not worthy of that success, that you've not really had the songs," he said.

"We take the view that our best work is in the future and we can always try something else. It's always worthwhile giving it one more go to prove ourselves.

"It's not like athletics where at a certain age, you have to hang up your boots because physically, you can't do it. Age is not really an issue and essentially it is a competitive streak and we want to compete at the highest level. But there are days sometimes when I would like to just hang up my boots," he added.


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