Sunday 20 October 2019

'Everybody thinks they're a star, but they work as a unit, they don't work unless they're a unit' - Louis Walsh on One Direction split

Louis Walsh
Louis Walsh
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Louis Walsh believes that One Direction are splitting up for good, and not just taking a 12 month break as the band announced last week.

The former X Factor judge, who was partly responsible for forming the band on ITV's talent show in 2010 has blamed "ego" for the split after five years together.

Speaking to Anton Savage on Today FM about why bands like One Direction split at the height of their success, he said, "The problem is they all think they can write hit songs, that's the problem.

"They genuinely believe their own publicity, a lot of these bands, not all of them - Westlife were easy to work with, they were realistic - but they're in a bubble.  But with these guys they're travelling around the world, hundreds of thousands of girls for One Direction. 

"They need a break from each other as well, they're together in cars, hotels, gigs and it's tough.  They're making a fortune, but it is tough."

While Louis predicted that Harry Styles would pursue an acting career following reported interest from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and that Liam Payne, a "brilliant writer", would be the Gary Barlow of the band, and Niall would continue to work in music, he also said he felt they don't work as solo artists.

Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.
Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.

"We put them together on the show [X Factor]," he said, "They auditioned as solo acts, but they weren't good enough as solo acts."

He added, "I think there's a lot of ego.  Everyone gets an ego, you know what it's like in this station Anton, they become egotistical.  Everybody thinks they're a star, but they work as a unit, they don't work unless they're a unit.

"They don't listen because at the moment they are the biggest band in the world and they are selling out stadiums.  Everybody wants to know them and you get caught in the bubble.

"Everybody has an ego, that's the problem.  They all have people telling them they're great - publicists, hairdressers, tour managers."

Asked if it is frustrating to watch the band he helped create to pack it in he said, "Not really. It's normal. It's human nature.  The only band that don't seem to have lost hte run of themselves are U2.  They see it for what it is.  It's a business."

Louis also revealed that the relationship between bands and management can create problems too.

"When I started out with the bands you're the boss but the band gets bigger and bigger and they take charge and there's so much money involved managers are afraid to say 'no' so they become 'yes' people and keep taking the money and it's running out of control and you can't disagree with the band because they're going to sack you and the contract is going to end anyway."

Louis scoffed at the idea of One Direction reuniting after a year, saying that he probably said something similar about Westlife regarding a break as opposed to a split.

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