Saturday 19 October 2019

'Even blind pigs can find truffles' - A-ha respond to Trump's 'Take on Me' video

A still from Trump's campaign video
A still from Trump's campaign video
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A-ha's keyboardist has responded to President Trump's campaign video which bears a striking resembalnce to the band's innovative video for 'Take on Me'.

The Norwegian band's video was directed by videographer Steve Barron and released in 1985.  It was notable for using the technique of rotoscoping to trace animation over live video.

When Trump released his campaign video (showing him dancing and hugging the American flag) using the same technique, Twitter users were quick to draw comparisons with 'Take on Me'.

“You write a song in your youth and you don’t write for a particular group of people one way or another; you write it for everyone. But then stuff like this happens,” Magne Furuholmen told Rolling Stone.

“You want to be careful about deciding who’s allowed to do what with what you put out in the world. …We make our music for everybody. We didn’t intend to make our music part of a divisive campaign and, all things equal, would have preferred it not to have been,” he said.

He also revealed that he released a protest song last month in direct response to the Trump administration. 

While he said they are Norwegian they have "friends all over the world".

“In many respects, our heart bleeds for the America we believed in growing up. But when you get dragged into things like this, you have to lie back and laugh.”

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