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Ed Sheeran sends very special gift to Sligo fan (10) after she sent him a letter


Lily O'Brien from Sligo with the guitar given to her by Ed Sheeran

Lily O'Brien from Sligo with the guitar given to her by Ed Sheeran

Lily O'Brien from Sligo with the guitar given to her by Ed Sheeran

He may have sung about a Galway girl but it was a young Sligo girl’s letter that prompted Ed Sheeran to send a very special gift this week.

Lily O’Brien (10) from Riverstown was absolutely over the moon to receive a beautiful guitar from the famous star, after she wrote him a letter back in May.

“During lockdown my daughter Lily was learning to type. Having dyslexia she finds writing extremely hard,” her mother Amanda O’Brien told Independent.ie.


Ed Sheeran (Ian West/PA)

Ed Sheeran (Ian West/PA)

Ed Sheeran (Ian West/PA)

She said that the first letter her daughter sent was to Late Late host Ryan Tubridy who had Covid-19 earlier this year. “She said: ‘I’m going to send him a get well card, I’m going to send him a letter.’”

They posted the typed letter off and Ryan wrote back to her a few days later. “The excitement was unreal. Then she said she was going to write to other people that she liked, so she did.”

The family were watching a documentary one night showing Ed Sheeran visiting Africa, and this prompted Lily to write to him last May.

“She wrote to Ed, and I said to her ‘we have no address for him, what will we do.’”

Lily googled him, and she got Amanda to write ‘Ed Sheeran, Singer of the Galway Girl, London” on the envelope, and they posted it off, not knowing if it would ever get to its final destination.

In the meantime, Lily went back to school, and last week came the exciting news that FedEx had a package for her in Dublin and wanted to get it to her.

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“She was so excited all over the weekend, thinking Ed had sent her a letter. On Tuesday morning, the courier pulled up outside the door with a big box.” Amanda and her husband Peter were there to witness her delight when she opened it.

It contained a beautiful handmade Sheeran by Lowden guitar for Lily especially sent from Ed. “When we saw what was in it, we nearly died,” said Amanda, who has two other children Clara (18) and Faye (4).

Lily had previously been learning guitar and will be going to back to it when restrictions are lifted.

Now she is planning to write back to say thank you. “We can't thank Ed enough for what he has done for our child's confidence, as she said herself ‘dreams do come true.’”

“We can’t get over that he actually responded, never mind the gift he actually gave,” Amanda said.

“It was unreal. It is amazing,” she said. “There must have been something in the letter she sent that jumped out at him.”

Lily had written to him about the work he had done in the documentary, and her experience of lockdown.

Amanda added that FedEx in Dublin also went to great lengths to get their full address to pass on the special gift from Ed, which the Sligo Champion was eventually able to track down.

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