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Directioners, and everyone else, react to One Direction split news


One Direction fans are in denial

One Direction fans are in denial

One Direction fans are in denial

It has been a traumatic year for One Direction fans with Zayn leaving the band in March this year and now the news of a 12 month hiatus from March next year.

The fandom has always been vocal on social media about their feelings on every single move Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson and former bandmate Zayn Malik have made since the band was formed five years ago.

The outpouring of grief this morning as The Sun reports news of an impending break is massive with many fans admitting to weeping openly at school and declaring their lives are 'literally over' while others are in complete denial.

Twitter is aflutter with just as many adults reassuring them that the pain won't last (it didn't for them with Take That, apparently) while other adults are cackling like witches at their pain.

Here's a taster of the array of reactions flooding Twitter since last night, from grief to bemusement and everything in between:



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