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David Bowie to release retrospective album 'Nothing has Changed' with single 'Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)' in November


David Bowie, with whom Susan Sarandon claims to have had an affair

David Bowie, with whom Susan Sarandon claims to have had an affair

David Bowie, with whom Susan Sarandon claims to have had an affair

David Bowie is to release a further new track later this year, which will be included on a retrospective album to mark a half century of his recording career.

The veteran star, who surprised fans with his comeback album The Next Day last year after the best part of a decade away, will also include a handful of rare recordings on the release.

Nothing Has Changed will be released on November 17 and draws together material from all stages of his career and his various record labels, dating back to his 1964 debut.

It will feature the new track Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) which was specially recorded for Nothing Has Changed with producer and long-time collaborator Tony Visconti.

The song is his first since last year's album and it will come out as a 10-inch single and digital download on the same day as the album.

Also on Nothing Has Changed - named after a line from the song Sunday from his Heathen album - will be the song Let Me Sleep Beside You, a re-recording of a 1967 song made for his abandoned Toy album at the turn of the millennium.

Alongside a range of his hits there will also be Shadow Man, a track originally written with a view to going on his Ziggy Stardust album but shelved. A later 2001 version was used as a B-side and then quickly deleted.

Another rare song, Your Turn To Drive, was a download only available to some fans who pre-ordered the Heathen album.

The new album will be issued in a range of CD, download and vinyl formats.

Despite last year's musical re-emergence, Bowie has continued to have an enigmatic presence with no public promotion for The Next Day, although he made promo videos for several of the tracks on the album.

And when he won a Brit Award earlier this year, he sent model Kate Moss to collect the prize and read out a message on his behalf which urged Scotland to "stay with us", ahead of the referendum, which ruffled a few feathers.

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