Wednesday 20 November 2019

Daniel Day-Lewis' model son Gabriel is all ready to be a music star

Gabriel Kane
Gabriel Kane

Sharon McGowan

Actor Daniel Day Lewis's son has said he is fed up of being known for his dad's fame.

Gabriel-Kane (20) is already a successful model and now he's keen to step out of his dad's shadow even more as he prepares to launch a music career.

Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis and Julianne Moore
Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis and Julianne Moore

The handsome musician is eager to carve out a career based on his own talents ahead of the release his first EP next month.

"[I am] getting a little tired of people constantly referring to me as the 'son of'," he said.


Gabriel-Kane's three-song record will be called Every Scar Is a Healing Place, and his "soulful, poppy-acoustic, and almost symphonic" sound comes from influences including crooners Sam Smith and John Legend.

Although music is his focus, Gabriel-Kane was recently the star of Chanel's autumn couture show, where his strong eyebrows caused a stir on social media.

"In middle school, I was always teased for my disproportional eyebrows. And now they're actually getting me work," the singer said with a smile.


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