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Creator of Netflix's Unsolved calls for arrest of former gangster who spoke on camera about involvement in Tupac murder

Unsolved, charting the murders of Tupac and Notorious BIG, is based on the investigation by former cop Greg Kading

Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The creator of Netflix series Unsolved has called for the arrest of a former gangster who spoke on camera about his involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur.

Unsolved is a dramatic reenactment of the events leading up to the murders of Tupac and Notorious BIG in 1996 and 1997, and the ensuing investigations by the LAPD.

The series, which connects Tupac's murder to the war between LA gangs The Bloods and the South Side Crips, is based on an LAPD task force investigation into the murders, headed by former cop Greg Kading. 

Tupac was just 25 when he shot in a drive by near the Las Vegas strip on September 7, 1996.

He had attended the Mike Tyson Vs Bruce Sheldon boxing match earlier that evening after which he and others from The Bloods-affiliated Death Row Records were involved in an altercation with Crips gang member Orlando 'Baby Lane' Anderson.

Tupac was shot later that night while driving to the 662 night club in Vegas and he died in hospital a week later.

Rapper Tupac Shakur performs onstage in 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
Rapper Tupac Shakur performs onstage in 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Greg Kading was initially assigned to working on the Biggie case in LA and this led to him becoming involved in the investigation into Tupac's murder in Las Vegas. 

He ultimately concluded that Orlando Anderson was the man who pulled the trigger, following a confession by Anderson's uncle Duane Keith 'Keffe D' Davis in which he revealed that he was with Anderson and two others - DeAndre Smith and Terrence Brown - in the car from which Tupac was shot.

Kading has revealed that Keffe D, speaking under immunity in the course of the task force investigation, named Anderson as the shooter, something which Long covers in the Netflix series Unsolved.

Speaking to The Wrap last month, Long said, “I would say, in regards to the Tupac murder, I think it’s — you know — very clear what happened. There’s elements of it that are questionable, but certainly Keffe D and the Southside Crips killed Tupac Shakur. And it is outrageous that Keffe D is not in jail. And that should be in the article.”

Rapper Notorious BIG was shot dead in a 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles
Rapper Notorious BIG was shot dead in a 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles

After Unsolved was filmed, Keffe D appeared in another documentary series, BET's Death Row Chronicles, and stated that he was in the car the night that Tupac was shot - by someone in the backseat.

He said the car was being driven by Terrence 'T-Brown' Brown with himself in the passenger seat and DeAndre 'Dre' Smith and Anderson in the back seats. 

After Anderson was beaten up earlier that night they went looking for Tupac at the 662 Club in Vegas.  Keffe D said they found him on the strip and pulled up alongisde Tupac's car, which was being driven by Suge Knight.

“All the chicks was like ‘Tupac’, and he was like ‘hey’ like a celebrity, like he was in a parade,” he told Death Row Chronicles.  “If he wouldn’t even have been out the window we would have never have seen him.”

He would not go so far as to reveal who pulled the trigger but said it came from the "backseat", narrowing it down to Anderson and DeAndre Smith.

Anderson always denied he was the murderer, and he died two years after Tupac's death.  Nobody has ever been charged with the murder.  However, Long is now calling for Keffe D's arrest.

“He went live on television and confessed to being an accessory to murder and the Las Vegas PD, as far as I know, is doing nothing about it,” Long told The Wrap. “And I just think it’s outrageous. I just don’t understand it. It makes me upset."

Long also spoke to Vulture and said, "What has happened since we made the show, which is fascinating to me, is that Keffe D went on a documentary called the Death Row Chronicles and confessed again.

"He doesn’t have immunity in that confession. He tried to get cute and says, 'Oh, I handed the gun into the back seat, but I don’t know who pulled the trigger.' You watch it, and it’s like, he just confessed without immunity to being an accessory to murder. They should go arrest him."

In September last year former Compton police officers, Tim Brennan and Robert Ladd, revealed that they believed Anderson was the one who pulled the trigger.

Speaking to journalist Soledad O'Brien and rapper Ice-T for documentary Who Shott Biggie & Tupac, which aired on Fox, Ladd said, "They had all these other theories going on, but it was a really simple gang one-on-one to Tim and I.

"We believe Orlando Anderson was the one who did it.’"

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