Monday 23 September 2019

Andrea happy to be back with Corrs as 'it's harder on your own'

The Corrs (left to right) Caroline, Jim, Andrea and Sharon are back on stage together
The Corrs (left to right) Caroline, Jim, Andrea and Sharon are back on stage together

Lynne Kelleher

Popstar Andrea Corr has confessed she is delighted to be back on stage with her siblings, as she found it much harder to be a solo artist.

Her sister Sharon - who also released her own records during the iconic band's hiatus - said she feels the famous family band work much better when they are together.

Mother-of-two Andrea - who was regularly voted the most beautiful woman in the world - said she is much more comfortable making music with her brother and two sisters.

"I didn't love the independence. I feel it's much harder on your own", she told Hello! magazine.

Andrea has kept largely out of the limelight since marrying financier Brett Desmond in a fairytale wedding ceremony in Co Clare in 2009 and the arrival of their two children, three-year-old Jean and one-year-old Brett.

The dark-haired beauty said her little daughter was standing at the side of the stage when The Corrs made their comeback gig at BBC Radio 2's Live in Hyde Park in September.

She said: "It was very emotional. I couldn't look at her because if she cried I'd need to run to her."

Drummer Caroline (42), who has three children, said their break-up as they were beginning to settle down and have families 10 years ago was a very "natural thing".

"Our schedules were very intense. We'd done five records. we'd done a couple of unplugged albums. It was time to take a step back," she said.

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Sharon said she also feels much more at home with the band who called time in 2005 after 15 years of global superstardom than on the solo circuit.

Jim said the band are happy to stay together as long as they are all enjoying being on stage.

He said: "We'll go on as long as we're happy and people love what we're doing."


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