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Ms Dynamite 'humbled' to receive Mobo award


Ms Dynamite said she was taken aback after learning she was to receive a Mobo award

Ms Dynamite said she was taken aback after learning she was to receive a Mobo award

Ms Dynamite said she was taken aback after learning she was to receive a Mobo award

Rapper and producer Ms Dynamite said she will be "forever humbled" after being honoured with a Mobo award for her contribution to music as a female MC.

Real name Niomi Arleen McLean-Daley, the mother-of-one returned to her former London college on Monday to unveil a new paving stone laid in her honour.

It marked her Mobo (Music of Black Origin) Paving The Way award, which she will officially accept at a televised ceremony on Friday.

Speaking at the WAC Arts College in Belsize Park, the rapper, 35, told the Press Association: "I was taken aback and choked up for a couple of days after they called me. I'll be forever humbled."

Commenting on meeting current pupils, as well as her own former tutors, she said: "It has been really overwhelming, but really beautiful. They asked me how I began and how I felt in the early days."

Dynamite first started at the centre aged seven before returning around the time she left home at the age of 15.

She said: "It was a difficult time for me but WAC had a real support network and was there for me. It was a safe haven."

She recorded two albums - A Little Deeper (2002) and Judgement Days (2005) - in what she described as a "male-dominated industry" during her twenties.

"I was very aware that it was male-dominated - there were women in the audience at my gigs but none on my side of the fence," she said.

"The fact that I was already the underdog inspired me. People assumed I would be rubbish when I got on stage and all eyes were on me, but it meant I had to deliver.

"It was a beautiful experience because I could roll with the guys and they respected me massively."

Although she took a conscious step back from her music career to raise her son, Shavaar, 13, the artist revealed she is far from retirement and is in the process of creating a new album.

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Dynamite added: "I'm currently back in the studio entering a new phase as a grown woman and a mother.

"I don't think I could express myself without expressing motherhood."

She said the album is "100%" happening but has no fixed plans for a release date.

Summarising her decision to move away from the public eye in recent years, she said: " Life is about priorities and fame has never been a priority for me whatsoever.

" I decided to be a mum, so I stopped the music and then eventually came to a point where I felt I could do both. Being a parent means the world to me."

Well-known for her social media presence promoting optimistic messages, she said her latest music will not be making any serious social or political statements.

She added: " There are countless issues for young people at the moment without a doubt and, as a teenager, I was angry and wanted to shine a light on all the problems.

"The woman and mother I have turned into prefers to work on resolutions and solutions."

The 2016 Mobo Awards will be held on Friday November 4 in Glasgow and will be broadcast live on ITV2 at 8pm, with a repeat on ITV at 10.40pm.

Olympic gold medallist boxer Nicola Adams MBE will also receive a Paving The Way award and will next week lay her paving stone in the city centre of her home town, Leeds.

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