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Mr Hudson: I'm a diplomat in studio


Mr Hudson mixes cocktails out of music

Mr Hudson mixes cocktails out of music

Mr Hudson mixes cocktails out of music

Mr Hudson has told how tries to be diplomatic in the recording studio, when musicians clash over ideas

The British producer and musician - whose real name is Benjamin Hudson - has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Idris Elba and most recently Duran Duran.

Mr Hudson revealed: "When it comes to collaborating, you often get a culture clash or a different way of working, and I love working with artists who have different ways of working, or different record collections, or just different ears.

"I'm very diplomatic. I will always choose my battles. And if someone wants to do something and I'm not really feeling it. I'll just let them run with it for a minute - let them do it until they're bored or tired, and then I'll step in.

"There's a lot of psychology in music, but generally musicians are pretty cool, laid back people.

"I can only think of one session and the collaborator will remain nameless, that I didn't enjoy and wasn't productive. It should always be productive and enjoyable otherwise you might as well go and sweep the road."

The Step Into The Shadows star recently performed at the #SMIRNOFFMIXIT event, where he teamed up with Smirnoff barman Frankie to mix popular cocktails such as the Moscow Mule and the Bloody Mary as music tracks.

Mr Hudson confessed: "The Bloody Mary was the hardest. Because it has a social connotation of why you would order one. Some were really easy and I could just hear the sounds I wanted to associate with the flavours, and the summery ones I just did something upbeat and summery.

"But I left the Bloody Mary until last. I guess they're associated with hangovers...

"We set ourselves a really tall order, but it was a lot of fun."

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