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Saturday 7 December 2019

Moya Doherty: Riverdance is celebration of Irish character

Moya Doherty
Moya Doherty
John McColgan and Moya Doherty
A scene from Riverdance
A scene from Heartbeat of Home, the electrifying new music and dance spectacular from the producers of Riverdance

Moya Doherty

RIVERDANCE 20 is a celebration on a number of levels.

Clearly it is a special moment for all those who were involved in the creation and production of the original piece of work.

While there was an understanding of how special the work was, and is, as a piece of dance theatre, none of the original creators or dancers could have anticipated the impact it would have globally.

It is a special moment also for Ireland since Riverdance was part of, and we would like to think a central part of a much wider flowering of contemporary Irish culture which placed the country at the forefront of a renewed understanding of the role that indigenous art forms can play in framing the identity of a country and its people.

Riverdance became a joyous celebration of the Irish character which millions around the world were allowed to share.

And finally it is a day to celebrate Riverdance as a creative industry noting all the other creative industries which have emerged from it.

Twenty years ago few understood the concept of the creative industries but the gradual development of Riverdance as a global brand has acted as a model for many over the twenty years since its inception.

Riverdance too has had to learn to operate in this new business environment, and on this anniversary launches a new RD iPhone app which it is hoped will carry it for another twenty years with a new generation of young people using new forms of communication.

But whatever the form, Riverdance is ultimately about the music and the dance, and the large number of talented Irish young people who have carried the music and dance across the world.

On this day we thank them, and know how privileged we have been to have travelled this journey with them.

Moya Doherty is co-founder of Riverdance with John McColgan

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