Friday 19 July 2019

Morrissey peeved at TV indifference

Morrissey said he has been snubbed by TV stations around the world
Morrissey said he has been snubbed by TV stations around the world

Morrissey claims he has been snubbed by TV stations around the world, despite having a new album which has charted highly in numerous countries.

The former Smiths frontman put out new album World Peace Is None Of Your Business last month and it went to number two in the UK, but he said he has not had a single invitation to be interviewed or perform on TV around the release.

And he said the "struggle for the airwaves" was as tough as when his old band were trying to make their mark three decades ago.

In a statement on his website, he attacks familiar targets such as the monarchy, politicians and takes a swipe at the music industry, as well as thanking fans for their support.

Morrissey said: "It is 30 years on since The Smiths album entered the UK chart at number two with zero airplay and zero promotion, and the struggle for the airwaves remains difficult.

"In answer to many people who have asked, I should like to finally make it clear that I have not received any television invitations - worldwide! - to either discuss World Peace Is None Of Your Business, or even to sing any songs from the album."

The 55-year-old, promoting his first new album for five years, spoke of his appreciation for fans posting home-made videos to accompany the title track of his album. But he made it clear that he felt his record label Harvest - part of music giant Universal - should have provided a promo of their own.

He said of the fan films: "These videos fully understand the intent of the song, and I am relieved that these films exist. Yes, a similar document ought to have been harvested by the record label, but please understand that the pop or rock industry can be as dedicated to perpetuating public deception as the world of politics itself. God bless social media."

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